بافر TBE حجم  500 سی سی 10X
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بافر TBE حجم 500 سی سی 10X

بافر TBE حجم  500 سی سی 10X  

10X TBE buffer, 500 mL

Cat#: DB9612

Made by DNAbiotech, IR Iran

Ready to Use

Net Volume: 500 ml

To make 1X TBE working solution from 10X TBE stock, dilute 10 ml of stock into 90 ml of DW.


• Electrophoresis of nucleic acids in agarose and polyacrylamide gels.
• Used both as a running buffer and as a gel preparation buffer.
• Filtered.



10X TBE buffer isprone to precipitation over time. You may solve this issue by autoclaving or dilution of the stock solution. Precipitation generally will not adversely affect performance.


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 TBE or Tris/Borate/EDTA, is a buffer solution containing a mixture of Tris base, boric acid and EDTA. In molecular biology techniques,TBE and TAE buffers are often used in procedures involving nucleic acids, the most common being electrophoresis.

TAE or TBE, which is best?

Of course, it depends on what you want to do:

  • TBE is a better conductive medium than TAE so is less prone to overheating, so use TBE for long runs!
  • Borate is an enzyme inhibitor so TBE is not a good buffer to use if you will be isolating the DNA for downstream enzymatic steps. For example, borate carry-over could affect your ligations, so use TAE instead in this situations.
  • Acetate gives improved separation of large DNA fragments
  • On the other hand, borate resolves <2kb fragments better, so use TBE for smaller fragments
  • And finally, TBE is reputed to give nicer bands than TAE (although I’m not sure why – does anyone know?

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