سدیم دی هیدروژن فسفات 250  گرمی NaH2Po4
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سدیم دی هیدروژن فسفات 250 گرمی NaH2Po4

Monosodium phosphate (MSP), NaH2Po4, سدیم دی هیدروژن منوفسفات 


also known as: monobasic sodium phosphate and sodium dihydrogen phosphate

Cas No.: 7558-80-7

Cat No.: DB9645-250


MW: 119-98 g/mol

Appearance: White powder or crystals

Density: 2.36 g/cm3 (anhydrous)

Fro Research Use Only

Content: 100 gr

For Molecular biology

Storage: RT

PubChem code: 100.028.591


More information

Phosphates are often used in foods and in water treatment. The pH of such formulations is generally adjusted by mixtures of various sodium phosphates, such as this salt.

The sodium chloride equivalent value, or E-Value, is 0.49. It is soluble in 4.5 parts water.

Monosodium phosphate is used to detect the presence of magnesium ions in salts. Formation of a white precipitate on the addition of ammonium chloride, ammonium hydroxide and monosodium phosphate to an aqueous or dilute HCl solution of the salt indicates presence of magnesium ions.

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