تمد TEMED حجم 25 سی سی
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تمد TEMED حجم 25 سی سی

تمد TEMED حجم 25 سی سی

TEMED, Molecular, SDS-PAGE, Resarch

Volume: 25 mL

In dark glass bottle

cat#: 9606-25ml

CAS: 110-18-9



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Tetramethylethylenediamine (TMEDA or TEMED) is a free radical stabilizer. Free radicals promote acrylamide polimerization, and APS (ammonimum persulfate) which is other component of SDS gels, is a source of them. So the role of TEMED is stabilize these free radicals in order to improve the acrylamide polimerization.

you can see the information for APS (DB9607) hrer.

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