لیزوزیم (lysozyme) یک گرمی
قیمت: 500000 تومان

لیزوزیم (lysozyme) یک گرمی

لیزویزم (lysozyme) یک گرمی


Content: 1gr


Cat no.: DB9741

Format : powder

CAS no.: 126-88-3

Storage:  -20°C 


Intended for Research Use Only



Lysozyme (N-acetylmuramide glycanhydrolase) is a commercially valuable enzyme for food industry and pharmaceutical applications, with potential use for cancer chemotherapy and antimicrobial approaches.



محصولات مشابه


This enzymes has an specific hydrolytic activity against bacterial peptoglycan of cell walls.

 Various lysozymegenes (of ovalbumin, bacteriophage T4 & human) expressed in plants. 

Experiments in green house and in vitroshowed partial resistance to E. carotovora atroseptica in the transgenic potato plants producing lysozyme of bacteriophage – T4, and a small decrease in the signs of the disease, caused by P. syringae pv. tabaci, in the tobacco plants producing human lysozyme. 


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