کیت ستونی استخراج DNA از ژل و تخلیص محصول PCR

Expin Combo GP

کیت استخراج DNA از ژل و تخلیص محصول PCR (ستونی 200 تایی)

Expin Combo GP

تعداد واکنش: 200

محصول GeneAll کره جنوبی

نگهداری: 15 تا 25 درجه (RT)

محصولات مشابه


Tis product is the combined product of ExpinTM Gel SV and ExpinTM PCR SV.

It contains not only buffer GB required for Gel SV but also buffer PB for PCR SV, so the protocol can be chosen as you need!!

No organic extraction and alcohol precipitation are needed and multiple samples can be easily processed at the same time.

The final products are ready for automated sequencing, cloning, in vitro transcription, microarray and other enzymatic reaction.

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