کیت استخراج پلاسمید 20 واکنشی DNAbiotech
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Plasmid extraction kit 20 prep

کیت استخراج پلاسمید

High Pure Plasmid Isolation Kit



Cat No.: DB9815-20

Brand: DNAbiotech

Content: 20 rxn

Column Based, With RNase Enzyme

Shiping: RT

Storage: RT and  4C

 Made by DNAbiotech Co. I. R. Iran

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kit contenet:

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General description

DNAbiotech high pure plasmid extraction kit designed to plasmid DNA from an overnight culture of bacteria transformed with a plasmid, with a total biomass (O.D.600 of culture × volume of culture in μl) of 0.5–4 ml. When working with low-copy-number plasmids, more culture volumes are recommended. This system can be used to isolate any plasmid from E. coli hosts. Purified plasmid can be used without further manipulation for automated fluorescent DNA sequencing as well as for other standard molecular biology techniques. Technical Bulletin describes isolation of plasmid DNA from E. coli. Plasmid yield will vary, depending on a number of factors, including culture volume, plasmid copy number, type of culture medium and bacterial strain used

Kit specifications

- DNAbiotech high pure plasmid extraction kit is designed for the rapid isolation of highly pure Plasmid from an overnight culture of bacteria.

-The obtained plasmid is ready-to-use for subsequent reactions like PCR, Southern blotting, or any kind of enzymatic reactions.

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