کیت آنزیم DNase I برند DNAbiotech
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کیت آنزیم DNase I برند DNAbiotech

کیت آنزیم DNase I برند DNAbiotech



Cat no.: DB9717-kit 

1000 unit (NOT RNase free)

Form: Liquid

Composition: protein > 85%

Featured industry: For Research Use Only

Foreign Activity: RNase <0.02

Shipped in: Wet ice for close distance, dry ice for long distance (more than 1 day)

 Storage condition:  at -20°C for 24 months

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محصولات مشابه

Example General Protocol

Note: DNase I is sensitive to physical denaturing. Therefore, do not vortex the DNaseor the DNase/buffer/RNA mixture before digestion is completed. Mix by gently flicking the tube or pipetting, and spin briefly to collect the liquid.

  1. Dilute DNase I 10X Reaction Buffer to 1X using RNase-Free water.
  2. Prepare 50 μl of a working DNase I Solution for each sample to be treated by adding 5 μl of DNase I to 45 μl of 1X Reaction Buffer (from Step 1).
  3. Completely resuspend 5 μg of a nucleic acid pellet in 50 μl of working DNase I solution.
  4. Incubate at 37°C of Rt for 10 minutes.

To see compelet datasheet CLICK HERE


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