رزین نیکل NTA حجم 5 سی سی
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رزین نیکل NTA حجم 5 سی سی

رزین نیکل NTA حجم 5 سی سی 

Nickel NTA resin 5 ml DNAbiotech


Cat#.: DB9679-1ml

volume: 5 ml

• Chelating group NTA (nitrilotriacetic acid), two protein binding sites.

• High capacity and high affinity
• Simply replace your current Ni-NTA products, no optimization or protocol change necessary
• Purification under native and denaturing conditions
• Suitable for small proteins, large protein complexes, proteins with low expression rates 
   – universal use
• Market-leading performance for an unbeatable price


Purification of polyhistidine-tagged proteins


IMAC (immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography) Technology
NTA (nitrilotriacetic acid) Chelating ligand
50 % (v/v) aqueous suspension containing 30 % ethanol Format
6 % beaded agarose (cross-linked), precharged with Ni2+ Matrix
45–165 µm Bead size
Up to 50 mg/mL settled agarose Binding capacity*
4–8 °C Storage temperature

* Binding capacity will vary for each polyhistidine-tagged protein

محصولات مشابه

What is his tag protein? 

polyhistidine-tag is an amino acid motif in proteins that consists of at least sixhistidine (His) residues, often at the N- or C-terminus of the protein. It is also known as hexa histidine-tag, 6xHis-tag, His6 tag and by the trademarked name His-tag(registered by EMD Biosciences).

How does histidine bind to nickel?

This His-tag binds tightly to the immobilized metal ions because the side chain ofHistidine, imidazole, has a specific binding affinity to metal ions (in this case, nickelII). As a result, the desired protein is binded tightly to the beads while other proteins flow through the column easily.

How does nickel affinity chromatography work?
Histidine tags have an affinity for nickel or cobalt ions which have been immobilized by forming coordinate covalent bonds with a chelator incorporated in the stationary phase. For elution, an excess amount of a compound able to act as a metal ion ligand, such as imidazole, is used.
What is his tag protein purification?
his-tag, or polyhistidine tag, is a string of histidine residues at either the N or C terminus of a recombinant proteinHis-tag purification uses the purificationtechnique of immobilized metal affinity chromatography, or IMAC.
What is recombinant protein?
Recombinant Protein is a protein encoded by a gene — recombinant DNA — that has been cloned in a system that supports expression of the gene and translation of messenger RNA (see expression system). Proteins that result from the expression of recombinant DNA within living cells are termed recombinant proteins.

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