ستون خالی کروماتوگرافی
قیمت: 95000 تومان

ستون خالی کروماتوگرافی

ستون خالی کروماتوگرافی

Empty polypropylene columns for affinity chromatography

Cat no.: DB9722

Volume: up to 12 ml

Filtre type : hydrofil

Function: mainly used for ion exchange chromatography, e.g. recombinant histidine tagged protein purification by nickle NTA resins.

This product is produced from the best material used in molecular biology.

Made by DNAbiotech Co. I.R. Iran

6 parts:

  • - Polypropilen body
  • - Cap sealer for the body
  • - Vertical piston (Optinal: help youser to manage the exit rate of reagents in different steps)
  • - Tip Sealer:Tip and Cap are used (as sealer) for storage of the resin in 20 % ethanol ,at 4o C.
  • -Exit needle 
  • -Special Filter




محصولات مشابه

Column chromatography in chemistry is a chromatography method used to isolate a single chemical compound from a mixture. ... The main advantage of column chromatography is the relatively low cost and disposability of the stationary phase used in the process.

 The main principle involved in column chromatography is adsorption of the solutes of a solution through a stationary phase and separates the mixture into individual components. This is based on the affinity towards the mobile phase and stationary phase.

Column Chromatography is a preparative technique used to purify compounds depending on their polarity or hydrophobicity. In column chromatography, a mixture of molecules is separated based on their differentials partitioning between a mobile phase and a stationary phase


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