آگارز 10 گرمی  agarose
قیمت: 325000 تومان

آگارز 10 گرمی agarose

آگارز 10 گرمی DNAbiotech

CAt#: DB9663-10g 

Content: 10 gr

ideal for routine rapid separations of DNA and RNA fragments as well as PCR products, the preparation of plasmids, and for screening, cloning and blotting techniques

- Easy dissolution and rapid gellinga

Excellent transparency and low background staining gives clear band visibilit - 

Sharp and well defined bands -

Very low DNA binding - 


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Molecular buffers



محصولات مشابه


An agarose is a polysaccharide polymer material, generally extracted from seaweed. Agarose is a linear polymer made up of the repeating unit of agarobiose, which is a disaccharide made up of D-galactose and 3,6-anhydro-L-galactopyranose. 

مشخصات فنی (Technical Specifications)

 ≤ 0.45% Ash Content
≤ 0.1% Sulfate
≤ 4 NTU Clarity 1.5 % (NTU)
≥1000 Gel Strength 1% (g/cm2)
≥ 2200 Gel Strength 1.5 % (g/cm2)
36 ± 1.5 Gelling Temperature 1.5 % (°C)
88 ± 1.5 Melting Temperature 1.5 % (°C)
None detected DNAse/ RNAse activity











- High electrophoresis mobility

- Nucleic acid analytical and preparative electrophoresis

- Blotting assays

- Protein electrophoresis such as radial immunodiffusion


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