محلول اتیدیوم برماید (قطره چکانی)
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محلول اتیدیوم برماید (قطره چکانی)

 Ethidium Bromide Solution Dropper (محلول اتیدیوم برماید (قطره چکانی 


cat#: DB9661-5ml


10 mgr/ml 

Cas No.: 1239-45-8

Fro Research Use Only

Content: 5 ml

For Molecular biology

Storage: RT

Ethidium bromide is used to visualize DNA in agarose gels and in many cesium chloride gra- dient protocols.

The 10 mg/ml ethidium bromide stock solution can be diluted for gel staining or used as provided for CsC1 gradient protocols. Caution: Ethidium bromide is a toxic chemical and a mutagen.



محصولات مشابه

Ethidium bromide 

an intercalating agent commonly used as a fluorescent tag (nucleic acid stain) in molecular biology laboratories for techniques such as agarose gel electrophoresis. It is commonly abbreviated as "EtBr", which is also an abbreviation for bromoethane.

When exposed to ultraviolet light, it will fluoresce with an orange colour, intensifying almost 20-fold after binding to DNA.

Under the name homidium, it has been commonly used since the 1950s in veterinary medicine to treat trypanosomiasis in cattle, a disease caused by trypanosomes.

The high incidence of antimicrobial resistance makes this treatment impractical in some areas, where the related isometamidium chlorideis used instead.

Ethidium bromide may be a mutagen, although this depends on the organism exposed and the circumstances of exposure.

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